A swarm of bees was just gently vacuumed from a Times Square hot dog stand umbrella

Bees are good. Despite the fact that they are dying at an alarming rate, these buzzy, fuzzy girls are often unfairly maligned just because they have stingers. Bees also enjoy swarming — although “enjoy” might be the wrong word, as swarming is how hives naturally reproduce. That said, sometimes bees swarm in a place that is inconvenient for people. (I like to think they enjoy hanging out where people are, although that is almost certainly not the case.) Today, in Times Square, a swarm of bees landed on the umbrella attached to a hot dog vendor’s cart.

While I’m sure they love a good New York City hot dog and were probably just looking for a little street meat — I mean, honestly, can you blame them? In this economy? — the bees managed to…

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