A robot sheepdog? ‘No one wants this,’ says one shepherd

Wool means robot in Rocos’ video of a Boston Dynamics Spot unit herding sheep. | Image: Rocos

It’s certainly an arresting image: a four-legged robot trots across a grassy hillside, steering a herd of sheep without a human in sight. The apparently seamless fusion of the futuristic and the agrarian feels refreshing — even hopeful — at a time when so much progress relies upon the destruction of the natural world.

But is it realistic? Could a robot actually take on the job of a sheepdog?

The footage comes from New Zealand firm Rocos, which announced a partnership this week with Boston Dynamics, maker of the four-legged Spot robot that stars in the video (and many others). Rocos makes software to control robots remotely, and the video demonstrates one potential use-case: agriculture.

“Equipped with payloads like heat, LIDAR, gas…

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