A closer look at the Xbox Series X controller and 1TB expansion cards

Expandable storage on the Xbox Series X. | Photo by Tom Warren / The Verge

Microsoft has previously detailed the new Xbox Series X controller and optional 1TB expansion cards, and now we’ve been able to get a closer look at both. After taking a first look at the Xbox Series X earlier this month, The Verge now has a working Xbox Series X unit with a 1TB expansion card and Microsoft’s updated controller. We’ll have a full preview of the Xbox Series X soon, but for now let’s take a closer look at the controller and expandable storage.

At first glance, the Xbox Series X controller doesn’t look very different to the one that shipped on the Xbox One, but there are some key differences. The size and shape of the controller has been altered ever so slightly to make it smaller overall. The D-pad has also been…

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