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Telegram has a reputation for privacy and security (much to the chagrin of some governments), but it's not immune to gaffes. Security researcher Dhiraj Mishra discovered that Telegram's desktop app was leaking both public and private IP addresses dur… from Engadget RSS Feed https://ift.tt/2xR4TDc via IFTTT

This weekend, members of the UK’s Conservative Party kicked off their annual conference in Birmingham, using the event to highlight their plans and priorities for the coming year. This year’s event had a rocky start: its official app allowed users to access personal contact information of other attendees, without a password. According to the BBC, […]

New York City's high-speed WiFi kiosks have been around for a while, but just how many people are using them? Quite a few, in fact. The LinkNYC team has revealed that there were over 5 million registered WiFi users as of September 2018, with over a… from Engadget RSS Feed https://ift.tt/2QjhRjQ via IFTTT

When Apple debuted Face ID with the iPhone X last year, it raised an interesting legal question: can you be compelled to unlock your phone by looking at it? In an apparent first, Forbes reports that the FBI got a suspect to unlock his phone during a raid in August. In August, the FBI raided […]

We hope you weren't expecting major overhauls of the Surface Pro and Surface Laptop at Microsoft's October 2nd event — you might be disappointed. Sources for WinFuture have claimed that both the Surface Pro 6 and Surface Laptop 2 (not necessarily t… from Engadget RSS Feed https://ift.tt/2Ou298i via IFTTT

By Signe Brewster This post was done in partnership with Wirecutter. When readers choose to buy Wirecutter's independently chosen editorial picks, Wirecutter and Engadget may earn affiliate commission. Read the full blog here. Although flying a dro… from Engadget RSS Feed https://ift.tt/2xMGgHQ via IFTTT

There have been experiments in direct brain-to-brain communication before, but that's now extending to full-fledged networks. Researchers have developed a three-person brain network that lets participants send thoughts to each other — in this case,… from Engadget RSS Feed https://ift.tt/2NSIqzR via IFTTT

Saturday Night Live returned for its 44th season this weekend, with The Last Jedi’s Adam Driver returning as host. While he didn’t reprise his role of Matt the Radar Technician from his 2016 appearance, he did jump on another cultural bandwagon: Fortnite. The sketch opens with Dad Driver joining a squad, explaining that his ex-wife’s […]

If you're a European Union citizen, it just became that much easier to prove your identity — wherever you happen to be in the region. The EU now officially supports cross-border recognition for digital IDs, making your virtual driver's license or ba… from Engadget RSS Feed https://ift.tt/2zH0wvU via IFTTT

The third animated show from Dave Filoni Continue reading… from The Verge – All Posts https://ift.tt/2OlRZXl via IFTTT