Review: Granny Smith Android App

I found this app called Granny Smith when I was on Android Central, and the reviewer raved about the app. Not to mention the cost was only $0.99. It was created by the same people that created Sprinkle, which is a great game.

It was easy to learn the controls. There are only two, lift cane in air (explained in more detail below), and jump/flip.

At first I thought lift cane in air was just to make you go faster, but I found later on you needed it for “zip-lining” through levels, which is fun and challenging.

The game engine for crashing through stuff is great as well. Smashing the granny through the roof of a house, and then through the floor and a couple walls, is just something you can’t do without smirking slightly.

Falling stinks. When you fall you loose your coins you’ve collected, which sometimes you collect some back when you start moving, but some are lost right away.

The kid-thief is a “tricky bugger,” that’s what I image the granny saying, and if you don’t get out in front of him right at the beginning, you often loose out on getting the first green apple. You need to collect all three to complete the level with the fullest possible points.

Overall, I like the the Granny Smith App, and you should consider checking it out!

Granny Smith Anroid App


Could it happen? Could Apple be stopped?

Apple, the tyrant, wants to kill competition. But if they do, then the gov will have to stop them, yet, our legal system says, hey, it’s ok to have a monopoly. It’s a big hot mess.

Do you think if the cell phone companies banded together to stop sales of the iPhone and iPad it would have any effect?

How I got a 64gb microSD card to work in my HTC Evo 3d

I wanted to upgrade the memory on my HTC Evo 3d from 32gb to 64gb, but many forums said it was not possible. Until I found one that said someone had done it. Except, they didn’t say how!

Settings out with the knowledge that it was possible, I tracked down the best, yet inexpensive 64gb microSD card I could find.

The card formatted as exFAT, which wasn’t compatible with my phone, so read around, and found I needed to reformat it to FAT32 to make it work. But tracking down a converter was unsuccessful, so, I had a thought. Format to NTFS in windows 7, then format to exFAT. Nope didn’t work. Then I thought, maybe my phone is smart enough to read it and choose to format it. Bingo! That did it!

I loaded the NTFS formated microSD card in my phone, it gave an error, and I went to storage options, and chose to let the phone erase and reformat it.

Then all I had to was transfer everything from my old card to the new, and boom! Now I have 64gb of space in my phone.

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