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Google's 'G Suite' of apps and services has been applying machine learning everywhere over the last couple of years, and the latest update it's testing for Google Drive goes a bit further. Two years ago it launched the machine learning-enhanced Quick… from Engadget RSS Feed https://ift.tt/2xvQyMx via IFTTT

Last week was Apple’s time to shine with the introduction of the iPhone XS and XS Max and Apple Watch 4, but the tail end of this week was all about Amazon. It announced more than 10 products at its hardware event in Seattle, consisting of a few redesigned popular sellers, and several additions to […]

Two months after Vice President Mike Pence announced the plan to create a Space Force, the military is fighting over how to make it happen. This week, an internal Air Force estimate leaked to the press that said the Space Force would cost nearly $13 billion to create. And an Air Force organization is arguing […]

Are Hosts, Replicants, and robot clones closer than we think? Jayson Greene, The Ringer Black Mirror already uncomfortably aligns with the real world, but we might be even closer to more advanced concepts from that show and others, like Westworld… from Engadget RSS Feed https://ift.tt/2zofFCf via IFTTT

No need for a clinic at all Continue reading… from The Verge – All Posts https://ift.tt/2zmT2hl via IFTTT

YesOJO’s Switch projector dock was a surprisingly clever way to play your Switch on the go with friends. Now the company is following that up with another slick Switch solution: a portable speaker dock that turns your Switch into a miniature boombox. Launching on Indiegogo next year The Switch speaker dock is designed to use […]

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. Welcome to your weekend! We have the iPhone XS review you've been waiting for, plus some shocking news from Telltale Games. from Engadget RSS Feed https://ift.tt/2znwNIa via IFTTT

If you need another option for a 4K projector that won't completely break the bank, Epson recently introduced this Home Cinema 4010. Like the BenQ HT-2550 projector we reviewed earlier this year, it's doing a bit of trickery to hit that 4K-resolution… from Engadget RSS Feed https://ift.tt/2PR0rec via IFTTT

On Friday morning, Twitter posted a single word to its Twitter account: “The.” Average users began replying, telling a story one word at a time. When it was done, the first thread read: “The beginning of the end is near. Yay.” Had it been posted a month or so, it’s likely the world would have […]

Among the quirks of the Tesla Model 3 is that unlike most cars, it doesn't come with a traditional key or key fob at all. Instead, it relies mostly on a Bluetooth Low Energy link to its owner's nearby iPhone or Android device, with keycards available… from Engadget RSS Feed https://ift.tt/2DnIBye via IFTTT