Viral mom’s #HimToo post about her Navy vet son backfires incredibly

Left: the photo Marla Reynolds posted of her son Pieter Hanson. Right: the photo Pieter Hanson posted soon after his mother’s tweet went viral.

It could happen to anyone: one minute, your mom is spamming her Facebook friends with sparkly Garfield TGIF JPEGs she found via Google Image Search, and the next, she’s tweeted a photo of you insinuating that you believe women regularly lie about sexual assault.

Unfortunately for Navy veteran Pieter Hanson, 32, his card was pulled on Monday night. He unwittingly went viral, courtesy of a tweet from his mother (former handle: @MarlaReynoldsC3). She posted a photo of him in his dress uniform, posing like it was picture day for the cast of Newsies, and announced his support of #HimToo. The hashtag, originally used to bring awareness to male sexual assault survivors, had transformed over the past few weeks thanks to Brett Kavanaugh’s…

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