UK police shut off Wi-Fi in London Tube stations to deter climate protestors

Climate protestors targeted the Docklands Light Railway rail system in London today.

Police in London have shut off Wi-Fi access in some of the city’s tube stations this morning as an attempt to disrupt action by climate change protestors.

So far this week, more than 300 protestors from the Extinction Rebellion group have been arrested in the UK’s capital, targeting main roads, bridges, and tube stations. The group wants the UK to reduce its carbon emissions to zero by the year 2025, and has said that civil disobedience and mass protest are the most useful tools to raise public awareness.

On Wednesday morning, protestors targeted the Canary Wharf station of London’s Docklands Light Railway, an above-ground light rail system. The DLR is one of a number of rail systems in…

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