is rewriting the dictionary with the help of AI

Giant Dictionary On The Street To “Save The Words”

Here’s a giant dictionary that, unfortunately, wasn’t written by AI. | Photo by Stefano Guidi / Getty Images

Want to impress friends and family with your amazing vocabulary? Don’t care if the words you spew are actually at all meaningful? If so, I have just the site for you:, a one-shot webpage that uses AI to generate an endless stream of plausible babble. Just click the link and hit refresh to learn sweet nothings.

The variety on display here is truly impressive. Some words sound like modern managerial nonsense (“deleveragement – the action of humiliating someone by allowing them to remain silent”), while others hint at a genuine etymological history (“sabbatory – an institution devoted to the study of mystical religious learning”). Some seem to have been inspired by the back catalog of Urban Dictionary (“nungy -…

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