This wild NES mouse will haunt your dreams

Nintendo’s original Entertainment System (NES) is now 34 years old. A millennial, in other words. And since the console debuted in North America in the fall of 1985, its design — the familiar boxy shape; that matte gray, black, and red — has been an inspiration to nerds everywhere. The latest entry into this venerable canon, which includes everything from (fly as hell) Jordans to shelving, is the 8BitDo N30: a 2.4GHz wireless mouse made by the mad scientists over at 8BitDo. You can order one right now for $24.99.

8BitDo is probably best known for its high-end controllers and gaming peripherals. A mouse isn’t totally out of their wheelhouse, though it is a little odd. I mean, look at it.

The design is the brainchild of…

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