This thermometer is smart enough to automatically adjust a Whirlpool oven’s temperature

Yummly Smart Thermometer | Image: Whirlpool

This new smart thermometer is completely wire-free — so you won’t have to deal with any cords coming out of your oven door. And, it’ll eventually be able to adjust an oven’s temperature automatically.

Digital recipe platform Yummly has announced its wireless smart meat thermometer, which will be available early this year; it is expected to sell for $129.

The smart thermometer consists of a probe and a dock, which communicate to each other and to the Yummly mobile app via Bluetooth. The probe has sensors on either end for monitoring the temperature of the food and the temperature inside the oven. You can set the cooking temperature, the type of meat, and how well you want it cooked through the app, and then the app will alert you when the…

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