This electronic album was made for the SNES and you can buy it as a cartridge

Image: Remute

German musician Remute has made and released music on a variety of old mediums, but his newest effort marks a quirky milestone: The Cult Of Remute is claimed to be the first music album made entirely for the Super Nintendo’s sound chip and released on an SNES cartridge.

Creating within severe restraints is nothing new for Remute. In the past, he’s released music on a floppy disk and programmed an album using the sound chip for ‘90s game console Sega Genesis. But he tells The Verge that creating this new album with the SNES’s limitations was more difficult than previous projects because of the system’s “merciless” filesize limit.

Where the Sega Genesis’ main sound chip is a fully fledged FM synthesizer that can be controlled in a pretty…

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