The Samsung Galaxy S23 FE might land this year in place of another expected phone

It was beginning to look like Samsung’s FE series wouldn’t get any more entries. After all, there’s been no Samsung Galaxy S22 FE, and the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE reportedly didn’t sell brilliantly. But it sounds like Samsung might not be done with the phone series after all, and not only that, the company might have figured out how to make them viable again.

According to South Korean publication Hankooki (via SamMobile), Samsung plans to release a Samsung Galaxy S23 FE in August or September of this year.

The site doesn’t have any details on the specs of the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE, but it adds that there apparently won’t be a Samsung Galaxy A74, which would have been this year’s successor to the Galaxy A73.

It seems these two things are linked, as both the FE series and the A7 series are upper mid-range phones, so by releasing new models in both, Samsung risks cannibalizing its own sales. As such, if there’s no Galaxy A74, then the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE will have more potential buyers.

Arguably Samsung’s Galaxy S series is more recognizable and well known than its A series too, so focusing on a phone with Galaxy S branding makes sense.

The same site also claims that there won’t be a Samsung Galaxy S22 FE, which at this point isn’t overly surprising, given that the Samsung Galaxy S23 series has now launched, but there was one leak in January that suggested the S22 FE would still land in April or later, so we hadn’t completely counted it out.

Of course, we’d take all of this with a pinch of salt for now, especially as there’s no real evidence yet of the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE’s existence beyond this one leak.

A Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G face down on a wooden surface

The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE launched at a very bad time (Image credit: Future)

Analysis: Samsung might finally have got the timing right

As well as facing competition from the Galaxy A series, Samsung’s FE phones also face competition from the main Galaxy S line, and this previously hasn’t been helped by their launch timing.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE didn’t land until January 2022 – just a month before the launch of the main Samsung Galaxy S22 models. So it almost immediately felt dated, and while it was much cheaper, it wasn’t necessarily any cheaper than the standard Samsung Galaxy S21, which had been out for a year at that point and seen numerous price drops. That made the S21 FE a tough sell and an oddly positioned phone.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE faced similar problems but to a much lesser extent, as it launched in September 2020 – around seven months after the Samsung Galaxy S20 and roughly four months before the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S21.

This FE did a lot better, and the fact that it launched closer to the rest of the S20 line and further from the S21 series than the S21 FE did with its peers is probably a big factor in that.

If the report above is right, then Samsung is returning roughly to that timing, and may even launch the Galaxy S23 FE a month earlier, in August. As such, if the company gets the price and specs right then – coupled with there reportedly being no A7 competitor – this has the potential the be the most successful FE yet, and possibly one of the best Samsung phones too.