The Meizu 16s is a no-notch, no-nonsense flagship phone

If you’ve been following gadget news for a while, Meizu may well have been the first Chinese smartphone maker you ever heard of. The company started out making audio players but pivoted to smartphones with the Windows CE-based M8, which both shamelessly aped the iPhone and beat it to market by a couple of months.

Since then, Meizu has put out several Android phones running the deeply customized FlymeOS, and they’ve tended to be competitive from a price/performance perspective. Larger companies like Oppo and Xiaomi, however, have eclipsed Meizu’s sales both in China and abroad.

As far as I can tell, Meizu’s current response is to go its own way and churn out solid, gimmick-free devices. The new 16S appears to have been made with the same…

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