The Mandalorian’s second season is going to get more Star Wars-y, in a good way

Photo: Lucasfilm / Disney

The Mandalorian’s second season is almost here. And if the trailers and rumors are any indication, it seems like the armor-clad hero’s quest to reunite Baby Yoda (née “The Child”) is going to get even more complicated and tied up in Star Wars lore than ever before.

While it may seem odd to think about it this way, after decades of additional lore, background history, TV shows, and movies, the original Star Wars film is extremely accessible. It had to be. No one walking into the theater for the first time had any idea what a lightsaber or an X-wing was or who Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, or Princess Leia were.

The Mandalorian has never had that benefit. From the first episode, it expects you to know that the Mandalorian is…

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