The inventor of the hoverboard is making e-skates to rival Segway

The history of the hoverboard is rife with patent wars, companies suing each other over who invented it first, and poorly made copycats that caught on fire. US entrepreneur Shane Chen was the first to file a patent for a “two-wheel, self-balancing vehicle” for his company Inventist in 2013, and now he’s announcing another invention called the Hoverwheel.

The Hoverwheel works like a pair of e-skates, with each foot sitting on top of a self-balancing wheel. It uses the same electrical motor as Inventist’s Hovertrax design, and is currently patent pending. It’s got a top speed of 7.5 mph, with a maximum range of seven miles. It also looks a lot like Segway’s $399 e-skates, the Drift W1, which recently debuted at IFA. No price is mentioned…

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