The electric vehicle Cannonball Run record was broken twice in one month

Kyle Connor with his Tesla Model 3 | Kyle Connor

In mid-July, a family from Switzerland broke the US record for fastest cross-country trip in an electric vehicle, completing the New York-to-California journey in a long-range Tesla Model 3 in just 48 hours and 10 minutes. Little did they know, they’d only get to hold that record for three weeks.

The concept of using electric vehicles for coast-to-coast “Cannonball Run” speed trials is fairly new, and only started gaining popularity when the EV charging infrastructure started to mature. But in the last few years, more EV owners have made attempts at setting a new record. Some do it to promote a business or a cause, others for the sheer thrill of racing across the country, knowing that every second counts. The added challenge of driving…

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