The best foldables are going to be widescreen

<em>Huawei Mate X.</em>

Foldable devices are going to be an exciting part of our future, but if 2019 has proven anything, it’s that they’re not yet ready to be part of our present. Royole’s was terrible, Samsung’s has proven defective, Huawei’s is behind schedule, and Xiaomi and Oppo’s alternatives are merely social media video teases for now. Even LG, the company that doesn’t know how to say “no” to an outlandish idea, demurred on foldables this spring, saying it can’t yet come up with a compelling one. I think LG’s right in its candor because I believe everyone who’s shown anything foldable so far is going about it the wrong way. None of them are getting the shape of the thing right.

Most companies are starting with a smartphone as their default folded shape,…

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