T-Mobile will launch 5G in six cities on June 28th with Samsung’s Galaxy S10 5G

The first phone to use T-Mobile’s new 5G network will be launching this Friday, June 28th. Samsung’s Galaxy S10 5G will only be available in the US cities — Atlanta, Cleveland, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and New York City — where T-Mobile has established millimeter wave (mmWave) spectrum, the groundwork for its 5G networks. If you’re in one of these cities, you’ll be able to purchase the phone, though T-Mobile makes it clear that its 5G coverage, like that of its US competitors, is currently extremely limited and will only reliably work outdoors.

Be aware that the S10 5G costs far more than Samsung’s other Galaxy S10 phones: $1,299 if you pay full price. You can pay $31.25 per month if you prefer monthly payments, but it’ll first…

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