Syfy is developing a Krypton spinoff based on Lobo

Tonight, the Syfy Channel will premiere the second season of its Superman-related series Krypton, featuring a bunch of new villains, including one long-standing DC villain: Lobo. Ahead of that premiere, the Syfy Channel says that it is developing a spinoff series featuring the interstellar bounty hunter.

Like Krypton, Lobo will be written and produced by Cameron Welsh, and will feature the character that’ll pop up during this season. The violent and foul-mouthed alien bounty hunter first appeared in 1983, and appears for the first time (in the form of Glen Martin) in a live-action production with Krypton.

As our reviewer Samantha Nelson noted, this new season of Krypton feels as though it’s unrestrained after a claustrophobic first…

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