Splatoon 2’s final splatfest starts today, marking the end of an era

Photo by James Bareham / The Verge

Inkopolis Square, the social hub for Nintendo’s paint shooter Splatoon 2, is a space filled with memes. Players are able to post art and messages, and there’s nearly always some kind of in-joke happening. Yesterday I saw a drawing of a clown along with the line “Who wants chaos? I do!” Another showed in-game pop star Marie dressed as a judge saying “There will be order on my turf.” My favorite simply said “Good luck to both teams!”

The messages are all in reference to Splatoon 2’s “splatfest,” an event where players have to pick a side for a particular question — this time, it’s whether you prefer order or chaos — and then fight for their team in the game. It’s always a fun diversion that gets the community excited, but this splatfest is…

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