Sony adds 4K to a pair of compact cameras with super-long zoom

Sony announced a new pair of compact cameras last week with some incredible zoom capabilities, going from as wide as 24mm to as zoomed in as 720mm. This isn’t the first of Sony’s compact cameras to have that exact zoom range, but this year’s models add 4K shooting and, in one instance, a touchscreen. That should turn them into far more capable cameras that get closer to rivaling Sony’s much loved RX100 series.

The new models, HX99 and HX95, are about the size of an iPod (if you can remember the last time you held one of those), just thicker, and weigh around half a pound. That’s about the same as Sony’s RX100 cameras, but there’s one critical difference: the RX100 line uses a larger one-inch image sensor, whereas these cameras have a…

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