Samsung’s ideas for the future of TVs are stunning and weird

Samsung has come to CES 2020 with some high-design TVs that range from the flagship 8K QLED Q950 (with bezels that are basically nonexistent when the screen is on) to the Sero, a “lifestyle” 4K TV designed for millennials, Gen Z-ers, and really anyone who lives on their phone. Link it to your mobile device, and the Sero can rotate its 43-inch screen vertically to show portrait videos (or mobile apps and games) without any pillarboxing.

If you’re a vertical video hater, the Sero might seem almost sacrilegious. A TV designed to showcase video that people are capturing the wrong way? But portrait clips are here to stay — be it Instagram stories, TikTok posts, Snapchat, or other content — and this is the first time where it’s made any real…

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