Royole’s new smart speaker has a wraparound touch display

Image: Royole

Today at CES, Royole, which is known for its flexible screens and making the first foldable phone, debuted a new smart speaker with a display. But it’s not a flat display like what you’d find on the Echo Show 8. Royole’s cylindrical smart speaker has a display that wraps around the device.

Royole’s Mirage Smart Speaker has an 8-inch AMOLED “fully flexible” touch display that appears to cover most, if not all, of the body of the device:

Image: Royole

I can envision how this could, in theory, give you another way to skip songs or adjust the volume. Instead of tapping on controls on the top of the device, perhaps you could just touch the screen on the body of the speaker. And based on the press images, it seems like…

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