Roundguard reimagines Peggle as an RPG, and it’s amazing

For a certain kind of person, all I need to say is “Peggle” and “RPG,” and you’ll get excited. It just makes sense, right? Take the lighthearted play of Popcap’s classic puzzle series, and mix it with engrossing dungeon-crawling action filled with swords and sorcery. That’s exactly what Roundguard is — and it’s just as good as the description makes it sound.

If you haven’t played Peggle before (first of all, how dare you), the premise is incredibly simple: you shoot a ball from a cannon at the top of the screen, with the goal of eliminating pegs that are littered across the screen. The ball will bounce around, as if you were playing Plinko on The Price is Right, before eventually dropping offscreen. There’s a mix of skill and luck at…

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