Reminder: UltraViolet shuts down July 31st, so safeguard your digital movies now

UltraViolet stock 640

UltraViolet stock 640

UltraViolet, Hollywood’s original attempt at a cross-platform digital movie locker service, is shutting down this week on July 31st. If you’ve redeemed your fair share of codes that came with Blu-rays or DVDs through the years, you’ll definitely want to make sure you’ve linked your UltraViolet collection to another retailer so you can continue accessing and streaming those titles after the service goes offline.

Walmart-backed Vudu is the best bet for people in the United States. I don’t foresee it shutting down anytime soon, and it supports Movies Anywhere, so you’ll be able to watch your UltraViolet collection across popular streaming devices and apps like Amazon Video or Apple TV. But you can also go with FandangoNow or Kaleidescape;…

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