Record labels have a new target: streamers and gamers

Photo by Nick Statt / The Verge

On a quiet street in Vancouver, Canada, independent EDM record label Monstercat is carving out a solution to a problem that has plagued gamers and content creators for more than a decade: can streaming culture and the music industry coexist in a world where algorithms are used to track down unlicensed tunes, strip audio from videos, and dole out bans to streamers? Gavin Johnson, head of gaming at Monstercat, believes there can be a middle ground.

“We’re aiming to seamlessly connect two industries: music and gaming,” Johnson tells me from the sprawling Monstercat studio. The office is part streamer paradise — a land of leather beanbag chairs, friendly office dogs, and Twitch streamed live on giant screens — and part music producer haven…

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