Radiohead launched an online ‘public library’ with rare tracks and a printable library card

Radiohead Public Library screenshot


Alright, I’ll admit it: despite the headline above, a downloadable library card may be the least exciting part of the “Radiohead Public Library,” a new online collection of the band’s material. But the clever touch emphasizes how much the Radiohead Public Library (henceforth RPL) does feel like browsing a particularly chaotic research archive. And just like a library, it can point you toward some of the band’s lesser-known work — including its debut album Drill.

The archive launched today, and in a brief introduction, the band describes it as “an online resource containing videos, music, artwork, websites, merchandise, and assorted ephemera.” It’s very loosely arranged by album, and as NME notes, you can find links to work that’s been…

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