Playing 13 Sentinels on PS4 is like binge-watching an amazing, ambitious sci-fi drama

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim has all of the necessary elements for the most confusing science fiction story imaginable. There’s time travel, lost memories, prophetic dreams, android doppelgängers, and a cast of more than a dozen characters each with their own perspective on events that span hundreds of years. It took me around 10 hours before I even had a slight grip on what was happening in its century-spanning mech vs. kaiju story. Yet despite this — or maybe because of it — I’ve been hooked. The narrative is so complex and filled with so many important revelations, that I found it hard to pull myself away. Playing 13 Sentinels is a bit like binge-watching an amazing sci-fi drama — except one where you have a huge amount of control over how…

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