Philips Hue gets three new outdoor lights

Philips Hue Appear wall light | Photo: Signify

At CES this week, three new outdoor lights are being unveiled for Philips Hue: a path light, a spotlight, and a wall-mounted fixture with lights that shine up and down.

Outdoor Hue light fixtures started appearing in 2018, and there are already eight or so options, ranging from a floodlight to different styles of wall lights. These new models offer more style options more than they expand the lineup into new areas.

The new options include:

  • Econic pedestal light: a small path light, for $129.99
  • Lily XL spotlight: a larger version of the existing Lily spotlight, for $139.99
  • Appear wall fixture: a cylindrical fixture with color-changing lights on the top and bottom that emit a triangle of light in either direction, for $139.99

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