Perchang looks like Portal, but is more like Lemmings

It can be difficult to find time to finish a video game, especially if you only have a few hours a week to play. In our biweekly column Short Play we suggest video games that can be started and finished in a weekend.

A level of Perchang in motion looks like a Rube Goldberg machine. You might see little soccer balls flying around the screen being blown by giant turbines, or maybe they’re hit with paddles out of a pinball machine. Playing Perchang puts you in control of that Rube Goldberg machine. Though it feels a lot like a simplified version of the classic puzzle game Lemmings, and it’s just as difficult.

The conceit of both Perchang and Lemmings is that there’s a steady stream of something flowing into the puzzle space. In Perchang i…

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