Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is a bittersweet tribute to a bygone era

Much of the 1969 Los Angeles seen in Quentin Tarantino’s new film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is real, but you could be forgiven for thinking otherwise. The film’s characters, like most Los Angelenos, spend a lot of time driving from place to place. Their travels find them floating along to mostly forgotten versions of famous songs while they pass theaters with marquees promoting movies possibly no one but Tarantino has thought about for years. The 1969 we now remember — with its political upheaval, Moon landing, and game-changing films like Easy Rider — mostly exists outside of this world. This is a 1969 LA in which José Feliciano sings “California Dreamin’” and ads promote an intriguing new sex comedy called 3 in the Attic, both of…

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