New Pokémon leeks

Pokémon Sword is adding an exclusive evolution to the series’s original duck, Farfetch’d. Sirfetch’d, a fighting type, gallantly wields a leek lance and shield combo. I haven’t adored a knight so dearly since the last time I saw Sir Ian McKellen in a halfway decent X-Men movie, but The Pokémon Company really outdid itself.

Farfetch’d evolves into Sirfetch’d “after experiencing many battles” (like… most… pokémon?), and the genteel duck uses its beloved leek as a lance. Sirfetch’d is a noble creature that makes a “point of always battling fairly.” I want it to step on my neck. It is too honorable to do so.

Like every plant-loving man I’ve met in Brooklyn, Sirfetch’d is extremely into its leek. “It maintains this leek over the span of…

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