Nerf’s new Ultra blasters shoot farther than ever before — but there’s a catch

The next time you get pegged with a Nerf dart, it might be from an incredible 120 feet away — because Hasbro’s new Ultra One blaster, coming October 1st for $49.99, is boasting ranges we’ve never seen from an unmodified blaster thanks to a completely redesigned dart with new stabilizing fins.

It could be the single most important change to Nerf blasters in years, since range has always been a limiting factor in Nerf wars. When Nerf introduced the “Elite” dart with its 75-foot range in 2012, and its 90-foot Elite XD* blasters in 2014, players scrambled to get an advantage over their foes.

But the new blasters come with a catch: DRM for darts, it sounds like! “If the blaster detects an incompatible dart in the drum, it won’t…

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