Nerf just made an Overwatch blaster for Soldier 76 that actually looks good

Just in time for Pride week, Nerf is bringing us what looks like its best Overwatch-inspired blaster yet: a fully automatic, Nerf Rival ball-blasting, 30-round version of Soldier 76’s pulse rifle from the game, complete with lighting, “recoil action,” and a full mask with visor so you can look the part, too.

It’s a GameStop exclusive that’ll cost $130 when it ships this November, so it’s not exactly cheap, and you’ll need six D-cell batteries to power it. But it’s notable for being the first Overwatch blaster that looks even remotely battle-ready.

When we heard Hasbro was working with Blizzard Entertainment to bring our favorite Overwatch characters’ guns into the real world as foam-slinging blasters, we were tentatively excited — only…

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