Nerf is bringing back three original Super Soakers this spring

In 1982, NASA engineer Lonnie Johnson accidentally invented a pressurized water gun that went on to become one of the coolest summer toys for years. Now, Hasbro’s bringing back three of the original Super Soakers with that initial air-pressure system — and I’m pretty tempted to buy the one I never got back when parents controlled my cash.

While it’s pretty clear Hasbro isn’t using the same exact molds, the new $17.99 Super Soaker XP100, $12.99 XP30, and $7.99 XP20 look close enough to the originals to trigger my nostalgia in a big way. And changes aren’t necessarily bad: they give me reason to hope they’ll be more durable than the original Super Soaker 100, Super Soaker 30, and Super Soaker 20. They had a bit of a reputation for…

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