Musician deadmau5 deletes Twitch channel after being suspended for homophobic slur

Musician Joel Zimmerman (otherwise known as deadmau5) deleted his Twitch live-streaming account yesterday after being suspended for homophobic slurs. In a now-deleted Reddit post, Zimmerman said his comments had been “generally toxic as fuck,” but that they were not intended as hate speech. “I’m not going to stand for Twitch’s double standard when it comes to censoring and suspending me for harmless shit,” he said. “While we’ve had some fun partnerships here and there, and they were a great company to work with… I’m gonna have to cut this one short.”

As Kotaku explains, Twitch apparently suspended Zimmerman for an outburst while he was streaming PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (or PUBG) earlier this week. In a clip publicized by the blog…

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