Mesh Wi-Fi systems from eero, Netgear, Google, and more are cheaper for Amazon Prime Day 2019

If you want fast, consistent Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home, you should think about getting a mesh Wi-Fi system. A single wireless router can only cover so much ground before the signal starts to deteriorate, but placing mesh Wi-Fi beacons around your house helps to vastly broaden the coverage without a noticeable decrease in download or upload speed.

Several mesh Wi-Fi systems are discounted for Amazon Prime Day 2019. Brands like Amazon’s own eero, Netgear’s Orbi, Nokia’s mesh Wi-Fi bundles, Google, and others are participating with some deals you might be interested in.

You might lean toward one brand over an other, but something you should keep in mind is tri-band versus dual-band support. The eero Pro router, Netgear’s Orbi,…

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