Lenovo adds nine new laptops to its ThinkPad lineup


Lenovo has announced a slate of new laptops. Don’t get too exited — it doesn’t include the X1 Fold, the Slim 7, the Yoga 5G, or any of the other groundbreaking products reporters have been buzzing about since CES 2020.

They’re ThinkPads. Remember ThinkPads? Lenovo usually announces incremental upgrades to its ThinkPad lineup during the tech-industry downtime between CES in January and February’s Mobile World Congress (RIP).

At this point, we’ve been seeing new ThinkPads for a while (the first ones came out in 1992) and it seems Lenovo was running out of names. At this time last year, the T series was up to T490, and the X series was up to X390 — short of tacking digits onto the end, Lenovo needed a new naming scheme.

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