Lawrence Lessig sues New York Times over MIT and Jeffrey Epstein interview

Lawrence Lessig Discusses Campaign Finance And The 2016 Election

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Harvard Law professor Lawrence Lessig is suing The New York Times over an interview about the MIT Media Lab accepting money from sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Lessig’s defamation suit covers a September 2019 article titled “A Harvard Professor Doubles Down: If You Take Epstein’s Money, Do It in Secret.” He claims the headline misrepresents his interview, where he condemns the donation, but says that “if you’re going to take the money, you damn well better make it anonymous.”

Lessig is the founder of Creative Commons and a longtime policy activist; he once ran for president on the promise to pass a single anti-corruption law and then resign. He’s also a friend of former MIT Media Lab president Joichi Ito. When Ito admitted last year to…

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