Jeep’s high performance electric bike is now available for pre-order, but you probably can’t afford it

Jeep’s powerful new electric bike, which it first teased during its Groundhog Day-themed Super Bowl ad, is now available for preorder. But be forewarned: this one ain’t cheap.

The all-terrain electric mountain bike will go on sale in June 2020 for the wallet-destroying price of $5,899. That puts Jeep squarely in the top echelons of e-bikes in terms of price, alongside premium offerings from noted manufacturers like Specialized and Trek. It’s a risky move, too, considering you can get a really great e-bike for around $1,500. Even VanMoof, which is widely seen as the Mercedes-Benz C-Class of e-bikes, retails for around $2,000 less than what Jeep is asking for.

That said, you get a lot of…

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