In honor of Photoshop’s 30th birthday, watch this video of Photoshop version 1


Adobe Photoshop turns 30 today, and to look back on how far the photo-editing software has come, check out what version 1.0 of Photoshop looked like on a 1-bit 1986 Macintosh Plus computer with 8MHz CPU and 4MB RAM. Uploaded by user j0han1, the video is actually sped up two times because the original video exceeded the 10-minute YouTube video limit back in 2009 when it was uploaded (another testament to how long ago 11 years was, let alone 30). That means the waiting around for certain features like blurring and the image loading actually took twice as long. Still, it’s fascinating to see that a lot of the features we still use today were introduced since the very beginning of the software’s launch.

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