If you haven’t played the wacky Ace Attorney trilogy, now is the best time

You’d be forgiven if you missed out on the Ace Attorney trilogy, which debuted in English on the Nintendo DS way back in 2005. (It was previously a Japan-exclusive GBA series dating to 2001.) After all, the games are pretty weird. They star a spiky-haired defense attorney in what is best described as “Law & Order but anime.” Not only does that ridiculous-sounding premise work, but the series is quite possibly the best example of an ongoing crime drama in all of gaming. It’s strange and silly, sweet and charming, and now it’s the best possible time to play.

This week, Capcom released the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney trilogy on the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, a remastered version of the first (and best) three games in the series….

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