If you can identify what’s in these images, you’re smarter than AI

From top to bottom and left to right, these images are misidentified as “digital clock,” “lighthouse,” “organ”, “syringe,” “toucan,” “Persian cat.”

Computer vision has improved massively in recent years, but it’s still capable of making serious errors. So much so that there’s a whole field of research dedicated to studying pictures that are routinely misidentified by AI, known as “adversarial images.” Think of them as optical illusions for computers. While you see a cat up a tree, the AI sees a squirrel.

There’s a great need to study these images. As we put machine vision systems at the heart of new technology like AI security cameras and self driving cars, we’re trusting that computers see the world the same way we do. Adversarial images prove that they don’t.

But while a lot attention in this field is focused on…

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