I want a smart visor to block out the sun because I lose all my sunglasses

Ashley Carman / The Verge

There’s something called a “Visual Visor” here at CES. It comes from Bosch, and it can detect when there’s sunlight shining on your face, directly into your eyes, and block out the rays. It’s designed to keep your vision clear while you drive without you having to move the visor around and potentially block your view of the road. The visor, which is just a transparent LCD with 166 hexagonal pixels, relies on an RGB camera and a proprietary algorithm to shade your eyes.

At CES, Bosch mocked up a situation similar to a car. It shined a light to mimic the sun while I sat behind the visor. At first, the camera took a few seconds to establish my skin tone. This is important because it determines where the sun is based on variances in that…

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