I got a contact high just reading this bananas profile of WeWork’s founder

WeWork CEO Adam Neumann Visits Shanghai

Photo by Jackal Pan / Visual China Group via Getty Images

The Verge’s newsroom lights up every time a new WeWork story hits because it’s legitimately one of the wildest companies we’ve ever seen — and we’ve seen some wild ones. (We once went deep covering a company that made a $700 Wi-Fi-connected juicer, which now seems infinitely quaint by comparison.) For one of the best stories you’ll read all year, you must visit The Wall Street Journal today, where Eliot Brown published a captivating profile of Adam Neumann, the CEO and founder of The We Company.

The world has been learning a lot about Neumann’s extraordinary family antics since his failed attempt to IPO for $40 billion. As my colleague Liz Lopatto wrote last month, WeWork is less of a tech company and more of a soap opera. But thanks to…

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