How to find out if your apps will be compatible with macOS Catalina

Before you upgrade your Mac desktop or laptop to macOS Catalina, which will arrive later in 2019, there’s something that you should consider first: if you use 32-bit apps, they won’t work on the new macOS update. When Catalina arrives later in 2019, it will support 64-bit apps exclusively, making macOS Mojave (version 10.13) the final major version to support 32-bit apps.

Is this change guaranteed to impact you? No, especially if you mainly use Apple software. Apple wrote on a support page that it has worked to transition its own apps to 64-bit for over a decade. However, whether you rely on two apps or 200, it’s important to know which ones may be affected. Using this process, I found out that five of the hundred or so apps that I…

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