How much will the novel coronavirus affect you?

Fridley health workers demonstate COVID-19 drive-up testing

Photo by Aaron Lavinsky / Star Tribune via Getty Images

Nearly everyone in the US will be affected in some way by the COVID-19 pandemic, the illness caused by the novel coronavirus — by stress and anxiety, event closures, or the illness itself. There’s cause for concern: the disease can be deadly, and the outbreak in the US is likely to continue to get worse.

There’s still a lot that scientists and doctors don’t know about the new coronavirus and the illness it causes. With three months of data, though, it appears that around 80 percent of people who are infected have a mild or moderate illness, around 15 percent have severe disease (which requires hospitalization), and around 5 percent are critical (and go into respiratory or organ failure). Around 3 percent of people with confirmed cases…

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