How can you get out of this alive if you don’t know today’s number?

He keeps the numbers in a jar. | Image: David Lynch / YouTube

Yesterday was a three and I felt that. The day before was an eight and unmistakably so. It just had that eight feeling, you know? Where you’re looking out the window, and everything pauses, just for a second, and you’ve got a mug of coffee in one hand and a glazed donut in the other, and you stand there and you think to yourself … eight. Right?

Knowing the numbers is half the battle these days, and if you’re anything like me you’ve found it hard to keep up. There are just a tonne around right now. Uncountable! I see them all the time: on the news, on my phone, in rainclouds, and stamped on the faces of strangers in the street. Fifty! 63! Seven hundred and seventy seven thousand, seven hundred and seventy seven! Two and a half! ……

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