Having too much fun on a Mate X electric folding bike

There are two types of people in this world: those who like fat-tire bikes and those who don’t. I’m very much of the fat tire persuasion, which is why I just had to test the new Mate X electric folding bike. There’s something about those big knobby wheels that speaks to my desire to forge a new path, to take the road less traveled. To explore strange new world’s and go where no one has gone before, even if that’s just to the corner store.

My brain has evolved to filter Instagram ads, but seeing one for the Mate X caused an interrupt. My finger froze when I saw the off-road e-bike barreling down a stoney cliffside path. A few weeks later and I was getting squirrelly with a Mate X prototype in the North Sea dunes.

That was Saturday. And…

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